March 15, 2018


How it Started

Cancer is the greatest economic health burden in the world, costing the global economy over three trillion dollars annually, and increasing. Radiotherapy is clinically needed to treat half of the world’s cancer patients every year. But, less than one third of patients actually receive radiotherapy, meaning many millions of people around the world miss out every year. By 2020, there will be 27 million new cancer patients diagnosed per year, 17 million cancer related deaths per year, and 13 million new patients per year needing radiation therapy.

Leo Cancer Care (formerly Nano-X) was founded in 2014 on a vision to level the playing field in global access to radiotherapy. The technology underpinning Leo Cancer Care is based on over a decade of research into real-time radiotherapy solutions supported through our University partners, The Australian Research Council, the National Health and Medical Research Council, the Australian Cancer Research Foundation and the NSW Ministry of Health.