March 12, 2018


Re-pioneering Upright Radiotherapy

What if:

    • Cancer patients and their families didn’t have to travel to a centralised cancer care centre for the best treatment
    • Cancer patients could be treated quickly and precisely while in a comfortable, upright position
    • Cancer treatment machines could deliver better treatments to moving organs affected by breathing
    • Cancer treatment machines could be substantially smaller, smarter and streamlined

Patient Care

Leo Cancer Care has a strong focus on the development and commercialisation of radiation therapy machines for cancer treatment. After over a decade of research and development incubated through our university partners, Leo Cancer Care is developing two novel radiation therapy systems.

Ruby is a smaller, smarter radiation therapy machine which simplifies, streamlines and enhances photon radiotherapy. Eve is a fully automated patient positioning system which accurately position patients in an upright orientation for photon, proton and heavy ion therapies